Bleached Silences

So you need me to bleach my language ?

Let my feelings be shamelessly uncomfortable

With your words that left me covered in scars

You, a house of cards burning in flames

A devilish brick smashing my glass window

Breaking everything delicate my heart feels

Drowning my sweetness with your brokenness

How dare me welcome you into my shoulders ?

Aiming to soften you with my tenderness

And how dare you insult my being?

And end up painting me into this sad poem

I am your sin ?

Me, A sunflower wilting in the “happy” sun

Fleshed in your scars and your devilishness

Don’t you have eyes that see my falling tears?

On early mornings seated next to your coffee mug

Colored with my misery and little hateful spits

You can’t burry this heart that proves to be alive

Maybe breathe me back to life again

You a hurt person recruiting more callous hearts

Beneath it all I see kindness in your sarcasms

Thriving to be just as human as I am

Today I feast on your painful words for breakfast

I hope they don’t crumble and leave me stolen

By everything you are and everything you said

Voice too heavy to wake the dead from sleep

I said everything of something which means nothing

And nothing of everything that voices my humaneness on a cleaner table of two

But I have too much of you and still want you to stay?

I see where this goes

You are building me into a firehouse

I’ll end up burning your skinny ass.

Take me to your Waters

Take me to your waters

I want my skin to feel the taste of freedom

To breathe in life in its holiest creation, joyfully

I need my palms to touch the colors in the wind

And my back to slowly kiss the fabric of the earth

Naked and unafraid, dinning in this skinny sun

My father, he made me fear the ocean

He said the waters wash away lives like soap

So my siblings and I feared the waters, unknown

But I grew up loving the water, scared to swim

It’s magical how I feel safe in your waters only

Maybe because you taste so much like hope ?

Out of darkness to witness and grow light

To feel this sun on my petals again, sun kissed

You’re my everything and your everything is me.

A-cup full of me

Taste me, I might smell as bitter as death

Crush your appetite to slip through your fingers

I might seem as broken as my outside

But in the bits of my taste

I am made of love and I taste as much as joy

Come to me

I am an ocean of voices shaped in a body

Of a time, lost, cannot be found

I am the bone and flesh and the meat of a-being-in-the-world

I hold the delicacy of my generation in my waters

Never tasted, but assumed to be bitter

I am a room full of myself, of who I must become

I breathe freedom on everything I touch

And ask for kindness just as the way I show it

Yet you accused me of loving myself too much

But I must admit,

I am broken from the outside

That’s only because I am made of clay

I look as undeserving as a fermented milk

Left on the side of the road

Covered with the urination of four-year old’s

I heard, that’s what you feed their ears and hearts

Marinating these lies to sound like my old truth

You’ve not tasted me yet you assumed you know me

But you don’t know, that I am too many secrets

Silenced by my satisfaction for what breathes in my inside

This ecstasy is a movement waiting,

See my lips, they enjoy from the well inside

They are a village of voices, but they wouldn’t tell you

Remember you thought you know me?

How I taste

How I dance

Memorized my feet landings

And my scent, near and far

But wait!

No one knows my taste more than I do

Keep promising the rain and planting all your seeds

Of meaninglessness, of lies you tell, drowning your tongue

Just like heaven, I remain quiet and in disguised

Until I tell you, keep being the idiot of this time.

Keep your voice for tomorrow

Every time I crawl out of my shell

I have a poem just waiting on my lips

Having a voice that today will not recognize

Every word I feel I should say is unacceptable

I will save my voice for tomorrow

In a midst of my loyalties who will listen

Uncage the words

There’s a thousand words waiting

Right at the edge of your sealed lips

Accumulating emotions that can’t embrace you

Any every second building up these feelings

Of regrets, of once a slap still new in the present

Breaking every beautiful piece left in the inside

Were you taught to befriend the silence?

The soul family

I am still a brother, waiting on the shores, finding my true soul family.

Where do you come from?

Who are your parents?

Which social class do you belong?

What’s the color of your skin?

That don’t matter here

We are a family connected by souls

Of me, of you, of our togetherness, our true tribe

Soul people finding each other, that’s our quest

Our bodies made of instruments of our true God

Assembling us on our feet, people of a soul

Who are unkillable as the souls they share

Reaching out to the foods in the skies, together

Our spirituality is not forgotten by time

I see your long searching eyes

And your heart built out of gold, just like mine

As your humaneness reaches out to hold others

This universe is one house

The true universe is in us, let’s birth it now

The truth is, what I need, you need it too

We are not only humans, we are so much more

Us soul people must find one another

Raise our tribe, be brothers and sisters

Be true to ourselves thus fulfilling our humanity.


To the boy who thinks himself a sunflower, craft emotions with his naked hands, you are enough, you are everything you say you are.

I don’t walk around with a basket full of my struggles

I don’t expect you to know them

I am a house full of myself

My father, he asked that I unite my heart, mind and soul

Then my freedom will come like the blessed rain

Well father, I have tried

But hurt is like the heart turning itself into a dagger

Destroying everything that holds strength,

But I am a sunflower

And I don’t last forever, just like humans

I have days when the sun shines not enough

Days when the rain sweeps me off my home

And days when the wind breaks my arms and feet

But I still remain looking this beautiful

There is so much hidden behind my beautiful

I just learn to hide inside of my own smiles

Like me, a sunflower, you know sunflowers don’t say

And they can’t be everyone’s favorite

A child on the Grow

I am still trying to raise myself

On the shores of my father closer to his soils

Manuring my bones with the strength in his voice

Leaning on footsteps and soulful bones of his time

To let my young spirit be as glorious as my rising being

Or let my cocooning self run deep as the brave lagoons

Hosting nothing on my tongue but praises for my home

Standing whole, like the roots of a baobab true

Let it be know, that I am home with my heart

I am only a black boy with Mandinka in his mouth

Defenseless, yet armed with only words and brave voices

Eating himself out of everything this world still throws out

On all the different skins, standing here, smiling with a tear

Sailing my double ships on the storms, wild and unafraid

I hope you know the humans are unhealthy to their world

Their soap can’t wash away the pains in our eyes

Behind closed doors they can’t know who we are

We are everyone living across everything sun-full

We are bone and flesh and blood of our true home.

We are the skin of Light

Also we are children of the sun

A body floating on the skins of light

Crafting our emotions into garments to theatre

By people who have their tongues carved in good

Waiting to gently scar our existence as we realize

Children of a skin who don’t know who they are

The curtains closed so we rest our muscles

Trying to find enough in everything intangible

We are the universe we seek, individually

Moulding our shoulders turning back to nature

To bond our hearts and make peace of our now

Singing a song of hope waiting by the oceans

Remember we are the skin of light

I knew the heavens handed us safely here

In the vessels of our mothers, holding us gently

Asking us to keep count of all the turning tables

Of life, of me and you trying to find our true tribe

The truth is, we are a continent full of ourselves

The universe we seek is within us all, growing

Waiting for us to accept and birth our true joy

As we sit on the mats of our skins remembering


A son of my father

My father, his smiles are like music

So I listened to them and house my spirits home

Into a heartbeat that’s unkillable as the waters

Reckoning with my veins so this music stays here

Forever is me and you remembering who we are

Building a mountain of gold out of our dream

Children of a skin as indelible as the running wind

I am still the son of my father, growing, becoming

Cocooning through time as I raise myself to be free

Remember, I am still the true son of my father

A boy pregnant with a dream bigger than his home

A boy who’s got love living on the tips of his lips

Finding his rhythm on the face of this earth

Fluent with the hands and in relationship with the culture

My being, my decision making has no regrets

I am a body of a thousand wind, finding my home

But if my home is you then open your gates for me

My heart is in starvation to host you here

In my heartbeat where everything is free.

The sun in the flower

I am a vacuum shamed by your emptiness

A fragile wall starving for your invasion

I told you everything that lived between my lips

Set on the dinner table all of my silence’s secret

Your humaneness is where my hands belong

But you are one sad clown in a facade

I am the king whose crown you tilted

Wanting to see it fall in the mud

Expecting to see me crumble in my royalty

Left to the mockery of fifteen year olds

God forbid your ill intentions

I am a sunflower

But you only want to see me naked

Keep me captive and waiting and waiting

Fading stagnant without a voice

Pretty petals without a soil to grow on

Plucked every part that dresses me modest

You are just too human, this is you

But that’s not me

I am the sun in the Flower